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Collaboration in the visual arts pays and more than ever, funding agencies (and foundations) are promoting team-based projects. At the same time, successful multidisciplinary collaboratives, exemplified by local design collectives and creative consultancies such as DPMT7, The Livewell Collaborative, and Losantiville on the rise.

Consider teaming up with the DAAP Library on a grant-funded project. We have already successfully collaborated with colleages across the University of Cincinnati to land several internal and external grants from agencies such as The University of Cincinnati Faculty Development Council, UC Forward, and The Vilma and Ladislas Segoe Family Foundation. Click HERE (Excel document) to review some of the types of grants that we would be interested in working with you on!

The DAAP Library faculty has subject expertise in the visual arts and deep experience in multiple areas such as scholarly publishing, digitization, digital asset management, online & print collection exhibition curation, and more.

Contact the Head of the DAAP Library, Jennifer Krivickas, to arrange an exploratory meeting!