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Mac lab
The Daap Library has a great Mac lab equipped with 14 machines, total. FIVE of the Macs have 27" monitors and 11x17 Epson scanners; ONE Mac has a high-resolution Nikon slide and negative scanner; EIGHT of the Macs are 21" inch monitors, THREE of which have an 11x17 scanner connected. All of the DAAP Library Macs are equipped with software: Full MS Office and Adobe suites for research, writing, and high-level art + design work.

Our Mac lab has a black and white printer accessible via Pharos card swipe and we're networked to the Daap CGC for plotter and color printing. Free prints: UC Libraries/Bearcat/Pharos offers full-time students 150 free prints per semester. Contact Bearcat at 556-2000 with questions or concerns regarding your free prints.

Contact with questions and/or for assistance with Imacs. with questions and/or for assistance with scanning.

The DAAP Library has one black and white photocopier which accepts Bearcat Cards, coins, and dollar bills and the cost for p/copy is .10 cents for standard (8.5 x 11) and legal (8.5 x 14) sized copies, and .20 cents per 11 x 17 (Prices are lower if you use Bearcat Cards: .08 cents for standard and legal and .16 cents for 11 x 17).